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Product Liability

Gilda L. Kramer & Associates, LLC has many years of experience handling product liability litigation.  Product liability refers to the liability of manufacturers, processors, suppliers, distributors, or sellers of a defective or dangerous product that causes damage or injury to a buyer or third party.  Product liability may also include the destruction of a product by its own defect.

Ms. Kramer has represented numerous product manufacturers and suppliers, including pharmaceutical companies, equipment manufacturers, and component part suppliers in product liability litigation, including mass tort litigation.  With extensive experience as a member of national defense teams as well as as an arbitrator, mediator, Judge Pro Tempore and Discovery Master, Ms. Kramer has a broad perspective on product liability litigation.  This experience allows our firm to provide both an aggressive defense when necessary and pragmatic resolutions when appropriate.

Our firm also selectively handles serious plaintiff’s product liability cases.  Products liability law differs from state to state, and liability can occur in cases involving food and beverages; motor vehicles and accessories; aircraft and boats; industrial, business, or farm machinery, tools, and equipment; paint, cement, building supplies, small tools, and ladders; toys, games, and sports equipment; household and domestic machinery and appliances; clothing and shoes; animal medicines, fertilizers, pesticides; containers and packaging materials; and prescription or over-the-counter drugs.  A successful products liability claim may be based upon a defective product design, a manufacturing defect, or an inadequate label or warning.

If you or a loved one have been injured by a defective product, seek appropriate medical care, and then take steps to preserve evidence. Hold on to the product and any receipts, manuals, or other information relating to the product or its purchase. Take photographs of the product and damage. Write down the contact information for any witnesses and call a knowledgeable products liability attorney as soon as possible.  The attorneys of Gilda L. Kramer can advise you about dealing with insurance claims and can begin investigating your claim while evidence and memories are fresh.

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